Types of Parties

  • Birthday Parties:
    Have us pull up to your house and watch the kids pile in for hours of supervised video game fun, while parents relax in the comfort of their home or watch tv on the outside of our video game trailer.
  • Gaming Tournament:
    Want to put on a gaming tournament with Madden, NCAA, Halo, or Call of Duty? Just give us a call and we will come out and help you put it on.
  • Tailgating:
    Getting ready for the big game, Mardi Gras parade, or local event? We’ll come out and provide gaming and TV for all, building the atmosphere and excitement for the upcoming event.
  • Corporate Event:
    We can help with sales promotions by keeping the children entertained while customers shop or participate in the event. You can also reward your office by throwing them a party or just having us come out to build teamwork, camaraderie and office synergy.
  • Graduations:
    Celebrate a milestone event with an awesome gaming experience for all at your party.
  • Bachelor Parties:
    Have us kickoff your party with some competitive fun before you head out for the rest of the bachelor party events.
  • Fantasy Draft:
    What’s better to have at your draft party than Bayou Games? You can have the draft in the trailer while you play our latest games of the sport you are having a fantasy draft for.
  • Fundraisers:
    People love to play games. Have us come out, attract people, and provide excitement to raise money for your school, sports team, or church. Or you can use us as a reward for hard work, the class or group that raises the most money will enjoy their very own Bayou Games party.  We offer a 25% discount to non-profit organizations.